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Provide a Pathway to Student Success Built on Results

Take advantage of the Axiom Learning tutoring franchise business model. It’s an impactful journey designed for results and growth on many levels.

1. Watch Unique Learners LEAPTM Forward

Our proprietary LEAP (Learning Efficiency Acceleration Program) curriculum is specially developed for students with learning challenges, based on deep understanding of cognitive functioning. Supporting the 30%–50% of unique learners in mainstream schools, there is no other program like it in the educational market. Spectacular improvements are often seen in just the first 50 hours of instruction. You and your team will provide specialized 1-on-1 academic coaching for:

2. Build the Executive Functioning Skills Needed for School & Life

Learning and behavioral challenges often stem from underdeveloped abilities to manage time, organize, plan, control emotions, and sustain attention. Executive Function (EF) programs support and build on the gains from LEAP and provide another pathway to improvement as well as another source of revenues.

3. Help Students Reach for Their Dream Colleges & Universities

When your students are ready to apply to college, they’ll build on the gains from LEAP and EF with signature Axiom Learning preparation for the SAT and ACT as well as support in academic subjects. Our programs include specialized workshops, and programs for gifted and talented students, with demonstrated standardized test score improvements (averaging +100 points/section on the SAT and +6 on the ACT).

We are like no other supplemental education and tutoring franchise in the industry. We want to share this extraordinary opportunity to grow a rewarding business with entrepreneurs and educators who understand the importance of bringing pride and accomplishment to today’s unique K-12 learners. You can bring real, backed-by-research, academic help to neighbors who need it. We invite you to learn more about Axiom Learning by calling 1-800-565-5817 or emailing us at [email protected]. What are you waiting for?

Here’s the Axiom Difference:

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